A poll conducted by the Claims Conference, an organization that provides services for Holocaust survivors, found that young adults were limited in their education of the Holocaust. Forty-nine percent of millennials could not name a death camp or ghetto and 41% believed that less than 2 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. This lack of education in one of the most horrific events of our history is disturbing. According to the United States National Holocaust Memorial, only 12 out of 50 states require Holocaust education for school aged children. Currently there are no requirements on Holocaust education in Texas.

A version of the work will be created for middle and high school students, allowing them to experience a piece of history they have only learned about in books. The Holocaust is a difficult subject for some teachers to discuss in their classrooms. Through lesson plans, support materials and performance elements, this difficult subject can be presented in a unique way for their students. As part of our educational outreach, PERF and Dance students will come together to develop an art-based workshop experience for high school students to guide discussions about prejudice and human rights.

Creators will develop an educational package including the dance film, lesson plans, questionnaires, worksheets and other supportive materials for numerous educational outlets throughout the nation. These materials will be a catalyst to begin conversations about not only the Holocaust as a historical event but why and how it happened and the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion within our society today.

Choreographers are currently working with teachers from a local school on the best way to implement the educational packet into schools.  Students from their European History and Advanced Theatre class will be the first student group to see the performance and to participate in reflections and a workshop with the collaborative team. This experience will help lay out what type of information should be included.  This portion of the project will be ready for implementation in spring 2021.

Schools we are partnering with to provide a workshop experience for students:

Allen Academy, Bryan, TX

Title Photo by Debbie Griffin