Our Sponsors

A work of this magnitude would not be possible without our sponsors. Our sponsors include the Presidentional Transformational Teaching Grant (PTTG), Academy for Visual and Performing Arts (AVPA), The Texas A&M University Dance Program, the Department of Visualization, the Department of Performance Studies, the Department of History, the City of College Station, the City of Bryan, Ronin Farm and Restaurant, and The Arts Council of Brazos Valley. These sponsors and grants are providing the funds necessary for renting venues for the performance, music rights, publicity fees and costume production fees.

Grants Received:

  • Presidential Transformational Teaching Grant (PTTG): The PTTG program is a seed-grant program that is part of the Presidential Excellence Fund. The goal of the program is to impact the University’s commitments to advance transformational learning including enhancing discovery and innovation and expanding impact on our community, state, nation, and world. Collaborators for “But Where There’s Hope, There’s Life” were awarded $60,000. 
  • Academy for Visual and Performing Arts, Arts Enhancement Grant – “Arbeit Macht Frei”, Awarded $7,500 (2019)
  • Academy for Visual and Performing Arts, Arts Enhancement Grant – “Hopelife: An Art Film”, Awarded $7,500 (2020)
  • Arts Council of Brazos Valley, Annual Program and Marketing Grant – “Texas A&M University Dance Program Hopelife Project”, Awarded $7550

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Photos by Igor Kraguljac